Matt is an incredible artist with an eye for the abstract and bold. His characterization of ordinary animals is very creative and thought provoking. Brilliant visual art that I am honored to have grace the walls of my home.

Nate Sackett

Matti's artwork is vibrant, compelling and utterly unique. He has an incredible imagination which, combined with a gift for capturing the interior world of creatures (real or mythical), produces one-of-a-kind pieces. His art is a gift to the eyes.

Julia Elliott

I can only humbly approach in language or physical space what, as an artist, Matt Crowe is able to capture and create!

Ben Bacote

Emotionally charged with color and design, Matti's work takes you on a radical joyride!

S. Schofeild

Matt is a friend and his art is something I've watched him work at and find solace in, tirelessly, for years. The world of his imagination is expansive, neon, and full of creatures and plants that never fail to pull me in.

-Elizabeth Robertson

Matti's art provides a creative and unique way to view creatures in and out of this world. He uses his imagination to develop stories and give each character their characteristics. I love to wear and represent the artwork Matti creates.

Rayne McClure

I own multiple pieces of Matti Crowe art, they're some of the most special and unique pieces that I have seen. I enjoy my Matti Crowe Hoodie. I wear it quite regularly.

James Pouch

Matti’s art is the most creative style out, he is super creative and puts his own spin on the ordinary and extraordinary! He is my coach and has been for years and it is super sick to see his passion for art grow to this level. I am super lucky to be able to wear his shirts and represent a guy as cool as Matt

Hampton Knight

Super dope clothing, I wear it all the time and I’m super hyped to see what else will be dropped!

Kaya Warner